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Top Tips For Doctors to Have More Work Life Balance

Doctors have extremely busy lives and one of their biggest challenges is finding some balance between the all encompassing demands of the medical work and finding time for other parts of life including their own needs as well as those of their partner, family, friends and community.

Doctors very often do not have good work life balance because working as a doctor tends, before you know it, to take over most of your waking hours.

If you are a doctor who wants to have a wonderful work life balance but can’t get started then here are some tips to help you do so.

The twelve biggest challenges for doctors to find more balance in their lives are:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Time management
  3. Work life Balance
  4. Self care
  5. Environment and behaviour
  6. Capability
  7. Beliefs and Values
  8. Identity
  9. Purpose
  10. Communication skills
  11. Stress management
  12. Creativity

STEP 1: Set goals – Vital to set SMART goals so you can be very clear about what you want

STEP 2: Manage time – essential for making space for a new life to happen

STEP 3: Balance work and life- there is more to life than work. Bring more balance into your life.!

STEP 4: Care for yourself – Decide what you have forgotten to do lately and make a commitment to improve your self care

STEP 5: Environment and behaviour – Notice how small changes in your environment and your behaviour results big positive effect on your well-being.

STEP 6: Skills needed – you may need to learn some new skills and you may need to teach some skills to people around you so you can delegate more.

STEP 7: Beliefs and Values – recognise that some beliefs are powerful enough to stop your change, yet beliefs can be changed.

STEP 8: Who are you? – You are not your job or profession. You can be you without the label. Notice how your ideas about who you are might be stopping you doing what you want and define your identity.

STEP 9: Purpose – Discover why you are here and by doing this you can be motivated to achieve your purpose.

STEP 10: Communicate effectively – You need to be able to communicate what you want to do when it affects others. Learn how to do this more effectively

STEP 11: Manage Stress – Stress happens. Discover some techniques to reduce or get rid of it.

STEP 12 Be Creative and Take Action – Nurture your creativity. This may have been dormant if your job has encouraged you to follow rigid procedures. Do more creative pursuits and most of all take action on all the other steps.

Source by Susan Kersley