Employers report increased productivity benefits from homeworking

The productivity benefits of homeworking appear to have increased during the pandemic, with employers now more likely to say that the shift to homeworking has boosted productivity (33 percent) than they were in June 2020 (28 percent). This is according to new research by the CIPD

, based on a survey of 2,000 employers and in-depth interviews with seven organisations in different sectors.

The survey claims employers are also less likely to say that increased homeworking has decreased productivity (23 percent) compared to last summer (28 percent), suggesting employers have had a significant net productivity benefit over the period. 38 percent of employers say productivity has stayed the same (unchanged from June 2020). Overall, more than two thirds (71 percent) of employers say that the increase in homeworking has either boosted or has made no difference to productivity.

Originally posted at AnalyticsWeek