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Asks provides you with a success network, so you are never alone in your career pursuits.

Career Questions Solved

Ask your career questions from a trusted peer group of workers to grow.

Build Growth Community

Everyone needs a professional peer group to grow and succeed. Build yours!

Support Others Success

Give back and feel happy by supporting other's success by answering questions.

Learn From Peers

Learning is a two way street. Learn as you engage with others on the platform.

Build Your Reputation

Build your professional reputation for specific skills as you support others queries.

Never Be Alone

Grow together and make your career journey a win- win value proposition for all.



Ask A Question

Ask your most pressing career related questions from community.


Answer Community Questions

Help others by answering their questions and share your expertise.


Build Success Network

Grow your work network and build your community reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions


Asks is an app that lets community engage with the global professional community to ask or answer each others career related questions. For example you can ask a question around skill, organization, role or other work related questions and can opine on or answer others questions in domain of your expertise.

Yes, asks is free for the professional community.

You can use your privale networking link on the Hires Apps Page to chat/video with other colleagues securely. You can either open the link by clicking the open button and the link will open in a separate tab or you can copy and share the link with whoever you want to talk to. You also have the option to reset the link and the system will generate a new link for you.

Sorry to hear our emails have not been helpful to you. To unsubscribe from emails use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of an email, or please send a note to our support team at

Sorry to hear you’re leaving us! If you would like your account deactivated and unsubscribed, please let us know by emailing us at


When you click login at the top right corner of Asks App, it will ask for your email address. System will send you a link to your mentioned email to login. Please check your SPAM and Promotions email folder, if you dont see the email in your inbox. Click the link and it will take you to the settings page. Fill the settings page and then continue to the asks app to continue asking your question.

You can either post a question around role, organization or skill by clicking the specific buttons on the Asks app or you can ask a generic question by clicking - Ask a question on the right. You can also engage and comment on other people;s question. If you are not online, you will receive an email when someone responds to your question. Platform is owned by AnalyticsWeek LLC, a private company owned by many shareholders including founders, employees, and other investors.

Hires is build from our AI Kitchen headquartered in Westwood, MA.

Vision: Delivering Connected Learning to Global Workforce

Mission: Delivering a learning and development platform for light to moderately skilled workers using the power of AI, Connected Learning and Collaborative Intelligence is created as a response to increasing talent development gap in light to moderately skilled workforce community. Founding team had created World's largest data science community and having create the community, the team has got front row seat into adoption of AI and its impact on work. The team has identified a huge gap that is leaving majority of workers behind which could not be resolved with current learning and development ecosystem. Current solutions are primarily focussed on one size fits all, often flooding professionals with more content, but ensures we are connected first on our habits, best way to learn and AI ensures we are connected to ecosystem that make learning easy and adaptable to masses.


Please reach out to our team for support at Please clearly state, Website URL, your email and the issue you are facing.

We are always on a lookout for amazing talent to help extend our mission for #AIforGood solution. Email us how you could help and showing your interest and a copy of your resume to

Register your interest at: and our team will be in touch.

We are always on a lookout for amazing talent to help extend our mission for #AIforGood solution. Email us how you could help and showing your interest and a copy of your resume to

If you come across a suspicious job, or member on Asks please send us an email at The Asks Team will investigate the post to determine what’s going on. Thanks for keeping an eye out!

We want your experience on Asks to be a positive one. If you feel you are being harassed or threatened by anyone on our platform, please contact immediately. The Asks Team will assess the situation promptly, and if necessary, take appropriate steps to deal with the problem.