USB drives can Cause Big Losses due to Data Loss

Data breach
incidents are constantly increasing at a rapid pace. These data losses can
cause heavy loss to the company as well as it may impose a costly fine if the
company at fault of losing data. Hackers are considered to be the major source
of data breach, but, USB drives are also prone to lose data.

In the
recent years, the data loss cases have been increasing at an alarming rate and
the increasing rate of kind of cases is also a point of worry. This problem has
victimized every kind of organizations regardless of the size of the
organization. Many of the information are leaked due the fierce attacks of
hackers on the database of the company. However, a huge amount of data is lost
in result of the lost or misplaced portable data storing devices, laptops or
emails to the wrong users. The worst part is that, in the majority of the
cases, the users who lost the sensitive records of the company remained unaware
of the fact of losing data.

The data
loss affects the business activities of the company, it harms the goodwill of the
organization in the society or it loses the confidence of the client. The
biggest threat to the business is from losing the business secrets to the rival
companies. Data loss may hand over all the business plans, marketing
strategies, financial records and other such kind of extremely confidential
information. If the competitor gets success in achieving the desired data, it
may hit some big blows to the business of the company. Data that is not much
important to you may be precious and priceless for your computer, that is why,
all the saved in the database needs proper security measures.

Email is one
of the core sources from where confidential data is exposed. About 34 percent
of the companies reported that their data is exposed due to the lack of following
of email security protocols. Nearly 32 percent of the organizations
investigated that employees leaked data due to the violation of security
protocols established by the company. Twenty percent of the companies fired at
least one employee who stands guilty for exposing data via emails.

The thing
that bothers the IT professional the most these days is the loss of data
through portable data storing devices, laptops or Smartphone’s. The studies
suggest that more than 60 percent of the decision-makers are extremely worried
about this kind of data breach. The survey further revealed that out of this 64
percent executives, nearly 60 percent of them are concerned about the loss due
to the theft or misplaced portable data storing devices. Moreover, more than 20
percent of the organizations have compromised their information in the last 12
months because of the loss portable data storing device such as USB flash

USB flash
drives are without any doubt the most vastly used portable data storing device.
Due to its small size it is called thumb drive, pen drive or jump drive. Still,
USB flash drives are capable of storing data in gigabytes. Its small size makes
its security difficult; these drives are prone to getting lost or stolen. As it
can carry a huge amount of dataFeature Articles, losing a USB drive can be very threatening.
That is why it is important to Secure USB. USB drives have become a necessity for computer users as it
is extremely portable also quite affordable.

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