The Keys to Being a Good Remote Worker

The Keys to Being a Good Remote Worker

Whether you’re working from home for the first time, or just trying to get better at it, FlexJobs is here to help! Learn the skills you need to practice and hone in order to work from home successfully, why communication plays such a huge role in #RemoteWork and how to do it well, how to set up a dedicated and comfortable workspace, and more!

Join us for this informative, action-oriented webinar. You’ll leave knowing the specific action steps you can take to successfully work from home.

Brie Weiler Reynolds is the Career Development Manager at the remote job search service FlexJobs. She has been supporting job seekers in the flexible and remote job market for more than 10 years, holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, and has offered remote job market insights on Good Morning America, NPR, and other national media outlets.

This webinar was originally conducted on October 16, 2020.