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95% Of HR Leaders Believe Hybrid Working Is Critical For Employee Recruitment

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There is one key tool needed for employee retention and recruitment: hybrid work. 

According to a new study called “HR Leaders & Hybrid Working Report” conducted by flexible office operator IWG, 95% of HR leaders agreed that adopting a hybrid work model would serve as a good method of recruitment.  

Of the 1,000 respondents to the survey, over 60% of HR leaders stated that hybrid working can improve retention, while 80% says it can lead to a more satisfied workforce.  

Today’s job market climate is tight, with data finding that there are two job openings for every job applicant. This means that companies struggling to fill in open positions need a new strategy to entice top talent, and IWG CEO Mark Dixon believes that hybrid work is central in doing so. 

“HR professionals view hybrid working as not only key to staying ahead in the race for talent, but an integral part of a winning business strategy that has the wellbeing and productivity of a company’s employees at its core, ” said Dixon. 

“This latest research reinforces that today’s workforce demands flexibility from their employers and at the same time companies are increasingly appreciating the many benefits of the hybrid model.” 

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